Mr.K Mohan Raidu     Director,Informatics India 



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Seshu Kumar GV, VIrtual Desk GM, Wipro

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Rajeev Ranjan Kumar,
Senior Project Manager Wipro Limited

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 Past Workshops


1. 02-05-2016 CSI Student Branch Inauguration

2. 02-07-2016 Two Day Big Data Analytics Workshop by CSI SIG BDA

3. 31-07-2016 SAARC Young Talent Search in Computer Programming 2016

4. 24-09-2016 IoT BooT Camp One day Workshop

5. 08-09-2016 Student Branch Counselors and Conveners Meet

6. 16-12-2016 Big Data Analytics Workshop by CSI SIG BDA

7. 28-01-2017 Research Process on Publication & evaluations

8. 22-02-2017 CSI Annual State Student Convention @ MLRIT

CSI management committee team 2017-18


CSI Hyderabad Chapter Committee for 2017-18














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CSI Hydrabad Chapter Accounts audited FY 2016-17      


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